Child Protection

Countless children around the world suffer from physical, emotional and sexual violence, exploitation and neglect. In all projects we support as well as in our domestic work we are committed to ensuring that children grow up in a safe environment and that their rights are being respected.

© Bettina Flitner / Kindermissionswerk
© Bettina Flitner / Kindermissionswerk

Child protection

The commitment to respect the dignity of each child is at the heart of our mission. It is rooted in the image of God present in every child, and in the particular vulnerability of children and young people. For this reason, Kindermissionswerk is committed to child welfare and the protection of children from all forms of danger.

The standards and regulations set by Kindermissionswerk in its work at home and abroad with regard to child protection are based on the Christian idea of man, the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child, as well as the corresponding legal and canon law requirements.

Kindermissionswerk is committed to protecting children from any form of risk to their well-being, in its role as an employer, as an organizer of the Carol Singers‘ Campaign and as a partner in international cooperation. Kindermissionswerk is obligated to investigate suspected cases of child abuse in an appropriate manner. The protection and support of those affected always take top priority.

As a rule, Kindermissionswerk is not legally responsible for the projects it supports. However, its contractual and ethical involvement with the projects produces a particular responsibility to pay attention and be perceptive, which is why we ask our partners to develop their own child protection policies. This responsibility is reflected in the corresponding clauses of our project contracts and funding guidelines.