Networks and Memberships

As an organisation of the church universal with partners and projects all over the world, we rely on a number of national and international networks and memberships in our work.

© Florian Kopp / Kindermissionswerk
© Florian Kopp / Kindermissionswerk

Of particular importance for our work is MARMICK, the network of German Catholic charities Misereor, Adveniat, Renovabis, Missio Aachen and Missio München, Caritas international and Kindermissionswerk.

They complement each other in their mandates and capabilities. They coordinate their country and sectoral policies, cofinance select programmes, strive to avoid double funding and, through their cooperation, overall achieve a bigger impact in what they do. 

Other important partners of Kindermissionswerk are the German missionary orders who work with the poor in our partner countries. 

Finally, the Roman networks POSI (Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood) and POSPA (Pontifical Society of St. Peter the Apostle) are natural partners given our membership as well as our close historical and structural relationship with these networks.  

We also belong to networks and associations outside of the Church which are concerned with children’s rights, climate justice, the fight against HIV/AIDS and other related issues.

Together we support organisations that work for children in need, exchange personnel between the global South and North, and work for children and their families. Click on the logos below to find out more about our partners.