Funding requirements

Potential partners must fulfil a number of requirements to be eligible for funding.

Ein Junge aus Bangladesch schreibt etwas auf ein Whiteboard© Katrin Harms / Kindermissionswerk
© Katrin Harms / Kindermissionswerk

How Kindermissionswerk works

Kindermissionswerk does not develop its own projects, but responds to the written requests of partner organisations who, even if they need the technical advice and guidance of the aid agency, are seen as the real experts for effective change on the ground. In this way, our partners with their extensive experience ensure the quality of the project work together with Kindermissionswerk.

A prerequisite for cooperation is an application from the partner from the project country, designed on the basis of the application guidelines of Kindermissionswerk. The partner organisations contact Kindermissionswerk and submit their applications for financial support for their planned measures. The local project agency with its legal representative is legally responsible for the respective project, as is the project manager entrusted with the execution and implementation of the project.

Kindermissionswerk‘s relevant decision-making bodies decide on the funding proposal.  After approval of the application, the partners assume responsibility for the contractually regulated implementation of the project as well as for its comprehensive and transparent accountability. The application must contain all necessary information on the sponsoring organisation, the legal representative and the person responsible for the project, the objectives and contents of the project as well as the target group. Likewise, a detailed and coherent cost and financing plan must be submitted.

The responsibility of Kindermissionswerk as a contractual partner is to assist and provide technical advice to the partner organisation as well as to check its applications, reports and accounting for the project as well as other project documents.

Non-profit status

As a children's charity, we attach great importance to the correct use of our donations so that the funds entrusted to us are used in the best possible way for the benefit of the children. We are a government-recognised non-profit organisation and are subject to the relevant German law. We are also holders of the DZI donation seal which is awarded for the particularly transparent and efficient handling of donations.

Accordingly, in order to be eligible for funding from Kindermissionswerk, potential project partners must fulfil a number of conditions that make them comparable to German non-profit organisations with the corresponding requirements.

  • Partner organisations must be legal entities according to their national legislation.
  • The partner organisation must be a legal entity comparable to a corporation, association or pool of assets equivalent to the German Law on Corporation Tax (e.g. association, foundation, corporation, etc.).
  • The members or shareholders shall not receive any profits, grants or payments from the funding in their capacity as members of the organisation.
  • The members shall not receive any funds should they leave the corporation or if the corporation is dissolved or wound up.


The following documents will be required from partner organisations during the process of project application and for signing a project contract with Kindermissionswerk. Occasionally, additional documents may be requested, for example information about the applicant organisation and its strategic planning. Documents marked with an asterisk * must reach Kindermissionswerk in form of an original paper copy. Electronic documents, for example scanned copies of the originals, may in these cases be additionally sent to speed up processing but are not sufficient. 

  • Project application* (narrative and financial parts)
  • Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • A recommendation* by the local Bishop endorsing the applicant organisation as well as the project
  • A formal/informal Child Protection Policy

Additional documents for the application may include:

  • Information regarding the applicant organisation (e.g. last Annual Report, organisational chart, strategy papers of the organisation),  Pastoral Plan of the Diocese
  • Documents about the project (we.g. last evaluation report for a similar project, baseline study for the intended project)
  • Documents about the applicant organisation’s structure (e.g. organisational procedures on finances, last tax asessment, excerpt from the public register, certificates of good standing)

Contribution from the partner organisation

Our project partners make a financial contribution of their own. This reduces dependencies, promotes the long-term viability of projects and increases partner accountability. Project partners are expected to contribute an appropriate percentage of their own funds. Partner organisations and their target groups often make an additional contribution in the form of labour or in kind.


Once a project has been approved and enters the implementation stage, partners have to report twice a year about the project progress. These reports include a narrative and a financial report. You find our reporting guidelines in the Service section. Partners who fail to meet the reporting requirements, for instance by providing no reports or inadequate reports after repeated enquiries, will be exempt from further funding by Kindermissionswerk.